Balconies and balcony balustrades

Enjoy the wonders of a modern balcony from Dryad Fabrications

With the growing popularity of balconies as a design feature in a wide variety of buildings, Dryad Fabrications is at the forefront of providing everything required from design, structural frames, component parts, balustrades, decking and installation.

So when it comes to enjoying the open air and great views from the comfort of your home or property, there’s no better solution than a balcony from Dryad Fabrications.

All our balconies are designed and manufactured in the UK utilising our many years of expertise to bring you the very best in balcony choices.

Within multi-storey office buildings and retail outlets such as shopping malls, a glass balcony on each floor is a great way of letting in light and keeping a good air flow for the occupants. Balconies offer a better feeling of space, providing an overall calmer environment for all to experience.

Dryad Fabrications provides balconies for a range of domestic, retail and commercial properties with its range of stainless steel balconies with glass infills, Juliet balconies which are ideal for urban renewal, and much more.

Our expertise as balcony manufactures and balcony designers has helped us to become leading experts in providing balconies.

Balcony Options

Balcony balustrades are manufactured to British Standard and Building Regulations from a variety of materials. We have a very strong focus on the design and manufacture of steel products including in balconies, handrails and canopies. High quality, great looking balconies with stainless steel and glass infills are very popular as well as the structural glass balustrade with no uprights. With this last option, the glass is mounted on a support plate or set into the channel.

To explore the various balcony options, get in touch with our balcony specialists today and we will be happy to discuss what our balcony designers can do.


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Balcony finish options

Balcony design at its best by Dryad FabricationsTo enhance the appearance of your new balcony, there are various finishes which can be applied. Mild steel is generally galvanised when used externally and it can then be painted or powder-coated.

When galvanised, the finish of the powder-coated steel is not as smooth, but a textured coating can be applied or alternatively, the balustrade can be manufactured from unpolished grade 304 stainless steel and once coated, the finish is very smooth.

As well as stainless steel balconies with glass infills, Juliet balconies are becoming increasingly popular, especially where space is limited or installing a full-size balcony can be a challenge. Juliet balconies from Dryad Fabrications are produced from a modern, sturdy mix of steel, stainless steel and glass.

A complete solution, done for you

Dryad Fabrications are not just balcony makers. We design, manufacture and install balconies as well as other components such as balcony balustrades and handrails. Our professional balcony designers work closely with you to understand what you want before coming up with the full design and a detailed quote.

Individual balconies can be manufactured as complete units and delivered to site for an efficient as possible installation.

Dryad Fabrications provide balconies for a range of domestic and commercial buildings including healthcare homes, gyms, hotels, apartments, and rural homes.

Want to find out more about a great looking balcony?

Whether you are looking for stainless steel balconies with glass infills or a Juliet balcony, we would love to help. Give Dryad Fabrications a call today to find out what’s best for you. We have a team of professional balcony designers who would be happy to provide you with some free advice on what would be best for your property.


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