Add extra style to your staircase and improve safety with high-quality balustrades from Dryad Fabrications.

The purpose of a well-designed balustrade is twofold. Firstly, their function is to provide support and to strengthen products such as handrails.

Balustrades also add to the overall appearance of the area where they are used, whether that’s a balcony, reception area with staircase or even external terraces. Balustrades have been in use for many years and when it comes to combining safety and great design, there is no better solution than the great range of balustrades from Dryad.

At Dryad Fabrications, we offer a range of balustrades to accompany our high-quality handrails and balconies.

We specialise in combinations of materials for balustrades such as timber with steel, glass, brass, stainless steel and plastic which can also have a range of finishes, including a simple painted mild steel or bead-blasted metal finish.

Balconies and staircases that look amazing

The ability to combine materials effectively with different finishes means that balustrades from Dryad can make a big difference in how a balcony or staircase can look in a building as the range includes various forms and materials such as painted mild steel balustrades, metallic nylon and polyester coated balustrades, stainless steel balustrades and bead-blasted metal balustrades with clear powder coatings.

Balustrades tailored to your needs, and your environment

At Dryad, we work with our customers to ensure that the right style and choice of balustrades are used.

It’s important that the style and finish of the balustrade fit in with your environment, whether it’s for a walkway, bridge, balcony, staircase or somewhere else.

As well as fabrication of domestic balustrades for your home, we also provide support and commercial balustrades for businesses and organisations such as hospitals, schools, office blocks, factories, race course terraces and much more.

Other areas where Dryad steel and glass balustrades are suitable, are made to order (and where we have been involved in major projects) include airport terminals, car dealerships, shopping centres, hotels and leisure resorts as well as residential homes, apartments and houses. 

Balustrades for retail premises

Structural glass balustrades

To allow more light in or to make an area look more spacious, we also offer structural glass balustrades that help to maintain the lighting level in indoor areas where light is more limited. Glass balustrade is a popular choice for sporting venues on viewing terraces and balconies for uninterrupted views.

Structural glass balustrades

Glass balustrades by Dryad Fabrications

Structural glass balustrades are available with a thickness from 15mm to 25mm dependant on building usage and loading requirements.

The method of fixing is either:

  1. Side mounting clamp plate or welded channel
  2. Top is fixed to a structure by bolting a formed channel and setting the glass in

In the channel fixing, the glass is set with tapered packers and polysulphide grout and the channel depth and material thickness are calculated to comply with current building regulations and British Standards

Handrails can be mounted on the top or on brackets bolted through holes drilled in the glass. The handrail can be stainless steel, powder coated steel or timber and are available in various diameters, oval and square.

Glass balustrades are available either as toughened or toughened and laminated.

Glass balustrades

Glass balustrades for private homes

Great looking balustrades, that meet the right standards

As well as appearance, quality is important to us and that’s why we are focused on delivering our products using systems that comply to the highest standards.

Whether specifying our Dryad fully fabricated system in its variety of forms, including DDA solutions or our stainless steel Argent system, Dryad can deliver a cost effective system to comply with all the requirements of BS.6180 & BS.6399 standards. Products are also manufactured under BS EN ISO9001:2008 and BS EN ISO14001:2004.

Dryad Fabrications supply balustrades to both commercial and domestic properties, working with architects, contractors and directly with private residents to meet individual requirements.

When it comes to manufacturing and design, CAD details are available showing typical fixings but generally each project requires individual fabrication.

Want to find out more?

Whether you want to talk about handrails and balustrades, balconies and balustrades or just balustrades, we are here to help! Get in touch to find out more and to get a quote. We are happy to help you when it comes to commercial and domestic balustrades.



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