Make your staircase look great... and using them a pleasure, with staircases from Dryad Fabrications.

Staircases are not just a practical way to move between different levels or floors of a building, they are also an integral part of the design in a property such as a factory, office complex or private home - and at Dryad, we understand the importance of combining practicality with great looking design when it comes to staircases.

Properties are also different and homes, like offices, hospitals, factories and schools, are all unique in their design and this means that all staircases also need to be individual.

Dryad Fabrications pride themselves on meeting complex client-specific projects.

We are proud to be able to provide you with a tailored solution for manufacturing and installing staircases, which many others cannot.

No task is too complex as we offer a range of solutions from spiral staircases to feature stairs and fire escape stair ways.

Feature staircases

Bespoke stairs, with essential extras

As well as tailoring our solutions, we also specialise in manufacturing and designing other elements that help to enhance the steel fabricated staircases we provide. For example, we manufacture stainless steel handrails which are contemporary in design as well as being sturdy and easy to maintain when it comes to health concerns, such as the reduction of spreading viruses.

We also offer a range of balustrades to fit in with your living or working environment.

Our Approach

Offering bespoke solutions requires a lot of listening and understanding a customer’s requirements coupled with knowledge and experience of what’s possible. We work closely with customers to find the solution that’s perfect for them.

From initial conception stage through to a full site survey, AutoCad drawings and on-site installation, our expert team of staircase designers and installers can ensure that we meet both aesthetic and budgetary requirements while our expertise as staircase manufacturers means you are sure to get the highest quality staircase possible.

Dryad Fabrications offers a competitive price for the following Architectural Metalwork:

  • Feature Stairs
  • Spiral Staircases
  • Secondary Staircases

Feature Staircases

Make your staircase stand out and make the inside of your property look amazing with a feature staircase from Dryad Fabrications. If you are looking for a Featured Stairs then a professional staircase designer will work with you to make sure that design and style of the staircase are the main focus, whether that’s a traditional or a modern contemporary look in line with the surroundings.



Space saving and yet so great in their looks, our spiral staircases are designed to fit in with your surroundings and offer an appearance that’s unique.

To find out more about spiral staircases and the various options, get in touch.

Secondary Staircases

There are many circumstances in which your property might require a secondary staircase.

We will work with you to make sure that your dedicated staircase designer comes up with the staircase that you need.

Feature staircases

Spiral staircases

Secondary staircases

The first step to a great staircase...

If you would like to find out more about our bespoke design, manufacture and installation of staircases then get in touch with our steel fabrication team. We can then understand your requirements and provide valuable information to ensure that you get the right solution for you.


Bespoke fabrication

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Fire escapes

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Spiral staircases
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