Bespoke fabrication

Deliver what your customers want with bespoke fabrication from Dryad

Dryad Fabrications stands out from other suppliers by being able to offer custom fabricated products, combined with our ability to offer solutions from start to finish including bespoke design, manufacturing to order and onsite installation.

Fabrication - from design to installation

Bespoke fabrication

Bespoke fabricated steel products

Bespoke fabrication by Dryad Fabrications

At Dryad Fabrications, our reputation has been built on a total commitment to providing the best possible service that you should expect.

We take full responsibility of the process from design and manufacture to installation.

We do this with personal support such as face-to-face sales representation where needed and at a safe distance in line with any required social distancing, detailed quotations within 48 hours and even providing unique samples that are suitable to specific requirements that you might have.

The design process is critical to providing the right product. We therefore provide site surveys which can be carried out nationally and even internationally by our own inhouse qualified staff to ensure accuracy in fabrication drawings and manufacture.



A growing customer base of delighted customers

Your satisfaction in what we provide is important and thanks to our dedication and ability to provide bespoke fabrication, we have a growing number of customers who are delighted with the service we provide.

Over many years, we have worked on a large number of projects from the manufacture and installation of canopies and fire escapes to the design and installation of balconies and custom staircases for commercial applications, that involve either mild steel fabrication or stainless steel fabrication.

At the heart of our tailor-made fabrication is a focus on quality that has helped us build a reputation for great products.

Tailor-made fabrication with quality assured

At Dryad Fabrications, we comply with the latest BS standards and our technical office is able to produce calculations for loadings and design criteria to meet BS 6180, 6399 and parts K and M of current building regulations.

Method statements are also provided for approval prior to installation as are O and M manuals after completion. Our own fully experienced installation teams ensure single-source responsibility for all on-site services including diamond core drilling, welding, polishing and joinery work.

If you would like to understand more about the systems we use and the standards that we comply with, get in touch.

Custom steel fabricators

Steel fabrication for bespoke projectsDryad Fabrications are steel fabricators that provide solutions that involve steel fabrication including either mild steel fabrication or stainless steel fabrication. We provide solutions both nationally and internationally for a range of commercial settings including offices, hospitals, schools, retail outlets, hospitality and hotel businesses, car dealerships, gyms and swimming centres.

Ready to discuss your bespoke fabrication requirements?

The first stage in developing any bespoke metalwork solution is to understand the requirements and we would love to hear from you. With many years of experience providing flexibility to our clients, we are able to meet very unique requirements in both mild steel and stainless steel.

Get in touch for a quick chat with our custom fabricators or to book an initial consultation so that we can understand your requirements further.


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