Protect customers from the seasonal elements with a modern stylish canopy from Dryad Fabrications

Structured canopies

Stainless steel canopies

Stainless steel canopies are a stylish way to protect customers from various elements such as rain and sunshine while still allowing them to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors. During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, canopies have been a great solution for providing a means of keeping customers safe and sheltered whilst queueing for retail premises, schools, public transport and at other events and when it comes to stylish canopies that can cope with the British weather, there is no better solution than stainless steel canopies from Dryad Fabrications.

Bespoke steel canopies to suit your surrounding

Customer experience is important to attracting new business and keeping long-term clients and we understand how important it is that your customers enjoy their surroundings. The better the appearance, the higher the customer satisfaction and that’s why we work with you to design and install stainless steel canopies that fit in with the surroundings and look amazing.

Dryad Fabrications can provide steel canopies to individual design for a variety of commercial, health, retail, sporting, educational or domestic premises.

Canopy solutions and options

Our fabricators offer many options, and benefits with toughened glass canopies and galvanised canopies that are sturdy, safe and reliable. Canopies for commercial buildings

The canopy framework is manufactured from galvanised, powder-coated, mild steel or stainless steel supporting glass panels while the glass is either toughened or toughened and laminated dependent on size and location. This can also be either flat or curved.

Support cables can be fastened back to the walls but generally, the supports require being incorporated into the steel or concrete structure of the building during construction to ensure that the steel canopies are firmly attached.

With rain possible any time throughout the year, gutters can also be incorporated into the side or rear of the steel canopies to remove the rain quickly via the best route. The positioning of the gutters is dependent on the slope of the glass.

Fixing for the glass is similar to our standard balustrade glass clips and the diameters and quantity required are dependent on the size of the canopy panels.

Applications for stainless steel canopies

Fabricated canopies by Dryad FabricationsThere are many ways in which steel canopies can be used in your business and with COVID-19 being widespread, there is a growing need to move outdoors for activities where it’s safer. Our commercial-grade steel canopies are perfect for hospitality events that are hosted outside as well as for restaurants and pubs that want to provide outdoor seating. Retail and other businesses that need to provide a queuing system which maintains social distancing can help keep customers dry and warmer under the shelter of our galvanised canopies without the retail business risking the loss of customers.

Want to find out more?

From toughened glass canopies to mild steel canopies and power coated canopies, if you are looking for a well-designed stylish canopy to use in your business then get in touch with Dryad Fabrications today.

Our team of professional canopy designers and installers are happy to help discuss your requirements for your next requirements for steel canopies.


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