Fire escapes

Ensure easy and quick access to safety with fire escapes from Dryad Fabrications

Having fire escapes that are sturdy, designed to last and allow people to get to safety during an emergency is critical. That’s why at Dryad Fabrications, we provide only the highest quality fire escapes, made from steel and manufactured in a quality-control focused environment. If you are looking for fire escape staircase manufacturers for help, then look no further than Dryad Fabrications.

Options for fire escape staircases

Dryad Fabrications offers various types of fire escape staircases. Here are the main ones:

Dog-leg fire escapes - Made from the highest standard of steel and using our experience and expertise in staircases, handrails and balustrades, dog-leg fire escapes from Dryad are an easy way for anyone in a building to escape safely. Their design is also perfect for small groups of people to escape at once.

Spiral fire escapes - Suitable where space is limited, our spiral fire escapes are easy to install and use in case of a fire emergency.

Contact our fire escape manufacturers to find out more about spiral fire escapes from Dryad Fabrications.

dog leg fire escapes

spiral fire escapes

Helical fire escapes - Similar to our steel fabricated spiral fire escapes, helical fire escapes from Dryad Fabrications are a little bit more spacious and less compact and are designed to help anyone in a building to get out and, to a fire assembly point if necessary.

Straight flight fire escapes - These types of fire escapes take up the most ground space but are ideal for connecting to lower levels of a building. They are also better at allowing slightly larger numbers of people to exit a building.

To find out more about the above fire escape staircases, get in touch today. We can work with you to provide a range of fire escapes for different buildings or different sections of a building. 

bespoke fire escapesFire safety requires high standards

Straight flight, dog-leg, spiral and helical fire escape staircases are all designed to BS standard BS5395 and we have a rigorous process for manufacturing and performing quality control to ensure all staircases are up to their highest level of quality and expectation.

All staircases are also manufactured with a hot-dipped galvanised finish to offer protection against the environment.

Additional options for fire escapes

Dryad fire escape staircases are available with a choice of treads such as durbar and open mesh and we offer balustrades including solid or perforated panels and vertical or horizontal infill.

We can provide a comprehensive range of options for any situation. We recommend getting in touch to discuss options further.

Our fire escape design process

Dryad Fabrications provide the most comprehensive value compared to other fire escape staircase manufacturers. From the initial conception stage through to full site survey, AutoCad drawings and on-site installation, our expertise can ensure that we meet both your aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

Our fire escapes are designed for a range of buildings including hospitals, airport terminals, schools, offices, residential apartments and manufacturing plants.

Contact our fire escape staircase manufacturers on 0114 349 6388 today to discuss how we can help and the various options available.


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