Stainless Steel Balustrade

As a steel fabrication company we specialise in Stainless Steel Balustrades and Architectural Metalwork. Here you can view a selection of projects we have undertaken for stainless steel balustrade and staircases in a variety of premises.

Stainless steel balustrade fixings include:
  • Base fixing can be flanges or diamond drilled and grouted
  • All fixings into concrete are with chemical anchors
  • Fixings to steel are by nut and bolt, Holes are drilled using a magnetic drill
  • In Lieu of glass, horizontal or vertical infills can be welded, Stainless steel cables are also optional as are perforated panels, acrylics MDF and timber
Stainless steel finishes include:
  • Mirror Polished. High lustre finish obtained by buffing at high speed with various  compounds
  • Satin Polished. Grained finish obtained by passing abrasive belt or wheel over metal to put a series of fine lines in the surface
  • Electro Polished. Stainless steel is immersed in acid tanks after fabrication to obtain a uniform bright finish, commonly used in industrial applications
  • Bead blasted.  Material is blasted by very fine beads to achieve a uniform sheen, usually silver in colour and very smooth
  • Brushed.  Similar to satin polished but applied by abrasive brush
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